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Freddie Rokem is Professor (Emeritus) of Theatre Arts at Tel Aviv University, where he was the Dean of the Faculty of the Arts (2002-2006) and held the Emanuel Herzikowitz Chair for 19th- and 20th-Century Art (2006-2016). His publications include the prize-winning Performing History: Theatrical Representations of the Past in Contemporary Theatre (2000); Philosophers and Thespians: Thinking Performance (2010); and (with Jan Kühne, editing) “On Interruptions”, Performance Research (26,5, 2021).

Gad Kaynar-Kissinger is a retired Associate Professor at Tel Aviv University, and former Chair of the Theatre Arts Department (2009-2014). His publications include: New German Drama (1984); Revolution and Institutionalization in the Theatre: “Sturm und Drang” Versus Classicism, Assaph (C, 15, 2000); and (with Linda Ben-Zvi, editing) Bertolt Brecht: Performance and Philosophy (2005). He is a dramaturg, actor, poet, and translator. For his Ibsen translations he received a knighthood from the King of Norway.

Ira Avneri is a theatre studies and philosophy studies scholar, as well as a theatre director and dramaturg. He teaches at the Department of Theatre Arts, Tel Aviv University, and at the Department of Theatre Studies, The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. His research focuses on the act of philosophizing and its theatrical-performative nature, and on the philosopher's corporeal presence. His stage works present adaptations of canonical western drama, based on intensive research of visual imagery.

Steering Committee

Stephen Brockmann, Carnegie Mellon University

Micha Brown, University of Leipzig

Dror Harari, Tel Aviv University

Diego Rotman, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Nurit Yaari, Tel Aviv University

Dorit Yerushalmi, University of Haifa

Shelly Zer-Zion, University of Haifa

Preparatory Seminar Teachers

Marc Silberman - University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dedi Baron

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Symposium coordinator: Shimrit Ron

Research Assistant: Hemia Ben-Haim

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